HELP I have been trying toset my Incubator for a week andthe temp is alwayseither 106 Or 89f

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Florence Oregon
    Brand new Hova bator 1602N
    And i have never Had this much Trouble Any advice Or should i just eat the eggs and Kill the Bator with my Rubber bandgun the company said fallow instructions OK where are the **** things since there where NONE in the box .
    also they said Maybe the disk thingy May be bad OK thisis NEW People .

    Help please i have a egg turner for it Not inside but its ready and I am slowly Turning it down just a tad i mean you can hardly see it move then POOF 88 Im going insain this i for my 4 H kids i do nto evenget a turkey fir myself . AND I LOVE THEM AS PETS NOT TO EAT.
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    turn it off and take the lid off.

    Check that the wafer is screwed on straight and not cross threaded.

    Add turner and turn it on.

    Add a small tupperware container of water (sealed) - this will represent the eggs.

    Screw down wafer so it is making contact. Turn bator on (light should be off)

    Increase temp by turning screw. Once light comes on, turn one full turn and stop.

    when light goes off then repeat.

    once you get to 94. use half turn.

    once you get to 98 use quarter turn.

    keep calm and incubate on.
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