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8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
I have a 5-6 wk old RI Red. Her name is Lucy, however, we dont know if Lucy is a boy. She always runs up to you is you put your hand in, but, she runs away sometimes from us when we put her on the ground. Does anyone have some tricks to see if she is a rooster or not?
Go down to the breed/gender forum & post a picture! There are a lot of people who are good at telling whether or not it is a pullet or cockerel.

Try what I did,it helped me figure out my gals.
I put all my chicks on the floor and let them roam for a minute or two,then drop a hat and watch the reactions.
A hen will usually shrink down or run away,but the roosters will look up or come to investigate.It's their basic instinct telling them to protect their floock.
To address the Rhode Island Red breed,I have one of my own named Scarlet and I was afraid for awhile that she was a roo.Doing this trick and reading up some more about the breed let me know that she was just being bold and sassy.
Good luck!

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