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    I have a California Leghorn (Lawdy) that is just about 1 year old. When she was a chick her feathers were always pretty messy and eskew and they've stayed like that as she's grown. I have 3 other chickens that I also got at the same time but none are related except two. I only know for sure of one of the chickens moulting so far, and don't think the others including Lawdy have. For the past month I've noticed her being really itchy especially on her face and seeing little scabs and they're starting to get worse. You can tell it's really starting to affect her personality. They're free range chickens but eat cracked corn that I mix with sweet feed for my goats and ducks twice a day and I occasionally just recently started giving them crushed up oyster shells. None of the other chickens are affected at all and they all sleep together. They all also dust themselves all of the time but I haven't really seen Lawdy do it much. Like I said, her feathers have always been messed up so it's hard to tell if they're missing because of her itching. There aren't any scabs on her feet, mainly the head area but I notice her scratching her body more now too. She's eating and drinking regularly. Another thing is, I don't believe she's laid any eggs yet. All of the others have normally and I know the difference between each of their eggs. I don't know if that may have something to do with it or not. I am gonna get some pictures to put up soon! I just want to help her asap, all experience and advise is welcome and appreciated!

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    Pictures will help. Of her, the face and the scabs.
    Have you checked her for lice/mites?
    Do you provide any poultry ration for your flock, if so what kind?
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