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Feb 10, 2018
I have to chicjs that are big enough to go outside but the bigger chicken pick on them in the coop so i let them free range. Everything was fine. I have a dog that likes to kill chickens. Watched her like a hawk and kept her inside the house. Then I went to the bathroom I came out and saw my dog was wet. And cold. When she goes outside she loves playing in the pond Iran outside and one of them was almost dead lieing on the door step. The big chicjens left and got into the coop i couldn't find the other chick anywhere and i even looked in the pond its not very big . nobody no nothing maybe she was hiding I don't know.
Look in tiny places you wouldn't expect a chick to be, such as between hale bales, behind wood piles, even in the pile, behind trash cans, and search places the chick has never gone.

When chicks are attacked they panic and end up farther away than you expect.They will remain hidden for a very long time without moving from their hiding place so don'y give up.

But you need to find a safer place to keep your chicks than letting them run loose in the open.

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