Help-Lost one chick and another has a butt issue


5 Years
Feb 3, 2014
Hi all,
I had 9 five or six week old chicks together inside. There were 6 Leghorns and 3 Golden Comets. My daughter had surgery today and when I got home, one of the comets was almost dead. Her entire backside was all bloody, her vent was protruding and there was blood everywhere. She died shortly after I got home.

A second Golden Comet has a yellowy substance on her vent and below. I tried wiping it off and rinsing it off with warm water. I separated the two remaining golden comets from the other 6. The Leghorns have pecked on the comets before resulting in bloody tails, so I'm not sure if they are sick or if they attacked the one or if they have two separate issues.

I'm not sure what to do. This is my first chicken loss and I don't want to lose the others :(
I know it sucks losing a chicken I have lost 14 in the past year and a half.i think you did the right thing in separating them. Do you notice a chicken with nothing wrong with it? Maybe it's bulling the others. Or just the ones that are weaker or just sick. I guess just keep the sick ones by the sick ones . Now for the bullies, if there is any, separate them for the others or get rid of them. I had to do that for the sick ones, take it the vet if you can. If not show some pictures on here. That'll help.

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