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    Oct 24, 2011
    Then beyond the NOISE concerns are oftentimes the smell and waste.
    Smell & Waste Concerns of Poultry keeping

    The Real Bounty of The Coop (Hint: It’s Not Eggs) from Chickens
    Chicken waste when composted makes great fertilizer!
    For instance-4 Chickens make less waste than one Dog!

    Many sites explaining how to use the small amount of chicken waste and turn it into valuable garden fertilizer.

    Myth 3. Waste and Odor.
    Fact: a 40 pound dog generates more solid waste then 10 chickens. To be more specific, one 40 pound dog generates about ¾ pounds (.75 pounds) of poo every day. Ten chickens generate about two-thirds pounds (.66 pounds) daily poop.
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    But also when trying to get chickens in your area, do tell them that this

    KEEPING CHICKENS[​IMG] is merely going back to the early pioneering days, along with it is a TREND and also that people OFTEN choose communities to live in[​IMG] if they allow the Chickens! So, some may not choose this community if chickens are not allowed!

    For instance, from one of news reports referenced below on MSNBC NEWS/
    (not the dog, as often the dog is man's best friend!...)

    Chicken Info:
    Great site with a large amount of research summarized.

    Why Keep Chickens?

    then coop chicken tv for fun and education

    TRENDS/ Man's new best friend-
    Interesting report on MSNBC regarding man's new best friend, the chicken versus the Dog!
    New best friend of man lays eggs
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    Apr 13, 2012
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    I live in Somers and proposed an ammendment change under zoning. No where does it say that you can't have chickens on a one acre lot. It just talks about "housing farm animals" in an accessory structure. The structure has to be 200 feet from the property line. What if you don't have an outdoor coop? What if you make arrangements for them to be penned outside with housing in an attached garage? The board of health does not have laws about keeping chickens in your garage at night. As long as they don't pose a danger to your health and you have an egres from your garage.

    An attached garage is not an accessory structure. It is part of the house.
    I have a window that exits to the back yard which would be a perfect run area.
    Does this make sense or am I still illegal.

    To the pp in West Hartford. I spoke with Heidi Green and she has the right idea. Chickens are the new rage. Martha Stewart has them. Why not have a small coop that is away from the property line and has privacy landscaping around it in the form of pushes or shrubs or plantings. Or even some decorative fence materials.
    6 hens are quiet. It is the maximum number anyone should have in their back yard. You will be getting 6 eggs a day and for any family that is plenty!
    Even 4 hens would be enough for a family to have fresh eggs and extras.
    The poop can be turned into the garden for fertilizer. The smell is none exsistent unless it is not removed regularly. No more of a mess than dog waste left all over the lawn.
    I had 4 hens and never ever had an odor problem. The neighbor who complained about them has horses. The horse manure smell was always in the air. Much more of a problem than my chickens. And guess what? I can go get a pony and have it on my one acre but I can't have a few laying hens. Horses are more classified as farm animals as are chickens? It doesn't make any sense.
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    Hello, I am a local reporter at the West Hartford Press and am working on a feature story about raising chickens in town - including both the existing regulations, the ordinance they are working on to allow it on residential properties not just farms (if they are working on one), and also the benefits of raising chickens in your own backyard. Would you be interested in talking to me about why you want to raise chickens in your yard in West Hartford? Please contact me via email at [email protected].
    Thanks, look forward to speaking with you!!
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    May 25, 2013
    I am a West Hartford resident and want to support the group for backyard chicken zoning change. How can I get involved?
    Danielle Wu
    [email protected]
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    Kick Malloy out in Hartford in 2014 then you might have a chance.
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    Best of luck West Hartford CT!
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    I am wondering if you have been successful in your quest for backyard hens in West Hartford. I'm in Upper Arlington, OH, just named one of US top ten family cities, along with West Hartford, and we are currently lobbying city council to revise code to allow backyard hens. I'd like to present to them that all the other 9 cities allow backyard hens, so I want to see where your city is at in terms of allowing chickens. THANKS!!! Janis Wunderlich
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    ^ Amen to that.

    Any update on West Hartford?

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