Help me identify this fatal chicken illness


Jul 21, 2019
Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe
My Coop
My Coop
I have read several articles on chicken illnesses and was not able to find information.

Affects young chicken and adult chicken as well.
Symptoms: The chicken becomes lethargic, but continues to eat and drink. Does not walk much. The front breast/neck is big, as though the chicken has had a full bowl of meal, but I think it is full of water as it doesn't shrink/reduce. The front neck/breast stays big all the time.
No diarrhea, no discharge from anywhere, comb looks normal until the last 2 days. Then it turns blue/dark.
No limping, walking normal, except lethargic.
Chicken die in 2-5 days.
Started giving tetracycline + vitamins on day 3, did not help.

Note: We do not have a poultry vet in the area.

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