Jun 19, 2017
i just put in 40 eggs into my brand new incubator. I ran it a week ago and it maintained 100 F all night, now, it got up to 99 so I put the eggs in, and it has been 30 minutes and the temperature is stuck between 89.5 and 90. What do I do!? I'm freaking out guys, it's my first time incubating and I just knowing I'm already screwing up somehow
I'm no expert on incubating, but I would leave it alone. It can take a while for it to go back to normal temps when you load the eggs. I don't remember exactly, but I think mine took a few hours to get to where it needed to be.

Also check to make sure your lid is on correctly, sounds weird, but mine you have to fiddle with a bit to get it shut just right.
Don't mess with it for up to a day. Depending on the incubator, it can take that long or longer to settle down. If it maintained 100F without eggs, it will eventually get there.
When a hen starts sitting, she doesn't immediately bring internal egg temperature up to 99.5. It takes a while and you have a large thermal mass in those 40 eggs you are slowly bringing up to temperature.
When I'm using a small 40 watt incubator, I usually calculate start of incubation as about 8 hours after I set them.
I have another incubator that comes up to temp and maintains in about 10 minutes, no matter how many eggs are in it. But between the cabinet incubator and the hatcher drawer below it, there's about 500 watts of heat elements in it.

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