Help! My chicken was attacked! Serious injury!


Nov 16, 2015
Northern CA
My barred rock chicken was attacked last night and really injured what can I do to save her?

You could put some ointment on it, I would google that. But definitely separate her!! Bring her in, or in a different house or something!! Chickens love the color red and they will just bug her wound and make it worse! I'm not sure if a chicken apron would be good or not because it might rub against her wound, but it would definitely protect it. Spoil her and tend to her though!! But please separate her!!


13 Years
Oct 24, 2009
Don't worry... that is not too bad... the hen will heal up fine and all her feathers will grow back you will not be able to tell it ever happened.

Above poster is correct... you must separate her to stop the other hens pecking at her wounds.


Mr Beaks

7 Years
Jan 13, 2015
Valley Springs, Ca.
Poor girl. I've had my fair share of injured birds so I know how you feel. The only other advice I would give in addition to the above posts is to irrigate the wounds to kill any bacteria before putting on ointment. You could use a watered down betaine solution or something like vetericyn wound spray found at feed stores and then apply a triple antibiotic ointment (without the pain reliever or "caine") like neosporin. As the others mentioned, you most definitely want to separate her until her wounds heal as even her best buddy will become curious and pick at it. Hope this helps and please keep us updated.


Nov 16, 2015
Northern CA
Yep I separated her. She is in our house in a box. We put some ointment on her, I hope she is going to be ok.

You have done everything right, you are lucky the wound isn't too bad. I think she'll be fine, make sure she has plenty of food and water and love from you since she's separated from her flock:)

Sue Gremlin

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Jan 1, 2013
Vicksburg, MI
It looks terrible, the poor thing. The key is to keep it from being attacked by other chickens while the skin regenerates. Hopefully she will not pick at it herself. If I am looking at it correctly, it looks like she had a good bit of skin torn away, leaving only the fat layer underneath. Maybe even her preen gland was torn off? The only way for this to heal is by second intention, which means supporting her while she does her own healing.

I would try to remove (pluck, not shave) the feathers around the wound (if possible to do without causing more trauma) and put her on a regime of Tylan injectable (or another broad spectrum antibiotic, whichever works for you). Chickens are pretty tough, though. She may surprise you.

Watch her carefully for depression and anorexia. If she's active and eating and her comb stays nice and red the way it looks in your photos, you're good.

Good luck.

Daedric Rooster

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Sep 14, 2015
One of our hens got attacked by a hawk once. If you clean it and put ointment on it, and put a bandage on, she will probably get better. Keep her separated so the other hens and roo don't peck her. I hope she gets better!

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