Help! My chickens/livestock are all healthy!!!!!


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Feb 14, 2008
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Just thought I would start a thread to reassure all the newbies out there that not everyone's flock and other livestock are rampant with mysterious symptoms, diseases and death.

I'm sure the reason we don't see very many threads about good flock health is because there is really no reason to post much about health topics if they are doing well.

Anyone else have a healthy, easy care flock/herd? Tell us about it!
Happy healthy and looking for treats and love.

Quad of millies, quad of lavender d'Uccles, pair of butterscotch d'Uccles. A showgirl, a silkie, 3 EE's for eggs, and a silkie/cochin mutt for a broody.

Plus 13 lavender eggs in the bator along with 10 silkie & showgirl eggs, plus 2 Welsummer eggs
mine are good too! A bunch of them are molting, so the only problem I have is keeping up with the feather raking
My chickens are healthy and happy! My 7 year olds still lay eggs. The younger ones are due to start laying in Nov. Just in time for pumpkin pie making!!
They love it when I open the gate, and they all run out and flap their wings and fly around and squawk!

So far, mine are great. I admit I was skeptical about chickens- I think I had heard my mother go on too many times about how she hated the chickens she'd been forced to take care of as a child.

Chickens are easy! We clean their coop once a week, feed and water and collect eggs twice a day, and enjoy their antics all the time.

The food is also not expensive. We go to the feed store about once a month (an adventure in itself) and buy $4.00 worth of food. They also eat kitchen scraps.

I think one of our best decisions was to start small- 3 bantams in a 5'X10' foot run.
Hope you didn't just jinx yourself

Ours is too but there is no knock on wood smiley.
I wish my feed bill was only $4.00 mine's about $75 every 10 days or so. But they are so sweet...hatching as I type
YES!!!!! My very first chicks (15) are all doing great. They are cute, healthy, friendly - some even stayed in my 4 yo dd's lap yesterday and let her pet them. My mil, who has kept chickens before, has been gently teasing me all along for my lack of practical knowledge and enthusiasm. Now she is impressed and wants me to hatch chicks for her! (this, when before she had mdae fun of my choice of breeds!).

So far I LOVE keeping chickens and am having a great time!

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