Help !!! My ducks cheek is swollen !!!


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
Southeast MO
So I go out to feed my 4 Call ducks and I see that one of my males has a swollen cheek!!! It is like he has big cheeks only on one side ,under his eye. Its not bad right now his eye is not swollen. He is eating and doing every thing that a healthy duck dose!!!
What is it?
Has anyone had this befor?
Is it bad?
Help me!!!
Im worrying myself sick!!!
Get him inside with good lighting and see if you can find a scab or scratch or puncture wound. It sounds like an abscess. If you find a scab, pick it. Apply a face cloth dipped in very warm water for about 5-10 minutes and gently press the outer border of the abscess and see if any puss is released. If so, its bacterial and you need to put your little quacker on some antibiotics for 7-10 days.
BTW, pictures are great! So try to get some.
Ok so I looked and it has no wound, it is soft (is that good or bad) . I don't know what to do, I could not find any wound at all. I did get some pics




Sorry, I've been tied up with anatomy class and my 3 year old.

The cheek is significantly more swollen. And I agree with the recent post to possibly look inside his mouth. Perhaps he has a foreign object stuck in the cheek wall or that is the point of entry of some injury. Can you apply warm compresses to help it come to a head? I'm not keen on duck anatomy so I don't know if they have a sinus cavity in their cheeks like we do. As long as he is eating/drinking/pooping normally, I'd be ok with it.
Perhaps get some info on duck anatomy and see if it could be a clogged duct or sinus cavity.

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