HELP!!! My hen and chicks have bad lice. What do I do?


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Sep 15, 2008
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I was recently given a hen and her chicks. I noticed my chicks scratching a lot so I checked the mother hen and sure enough, she's riddled with lice. I'm assuming the chicks are too, but they're not as visually noticable. Mama and chicks have been separated since they were 3-4 days old when I got them (they're a week old now) as I want to tame the chicks so I can handle them. I think this will make dealing with the lice easier (especially since Mama has not been handled much, and was very protective of her babies), but now I want to know the best, and most natural way to get rid of them. If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it, Thank you.
I would put some cat powder on the hen and just keep an eye on the chicks. And wait a week for them to get more settled in. I dont think I would try washing them. They are pretty young yet.

On the chicks, if you have them separated, you might just be able to pic the lice off and crush them with your fingernails if the infestation isnt too bad.
Shake that powder around their living space, in the nest, where they bathe, etc. It will kill anything living in their space and they will just naturally pick it up onto their feathers by laying/bathing in it.
Do this in addition to treating the hen. The babies will get some powder on them just by being in and around her feathers.

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