Help! My quails are attacking each other!



Jul 15, 2019
So recently I hatched 3 quail eggs. They are around 7-8 weeks old. A few days ago I went out in the morning to feed them when I saw the the oldest sonic (dark colored) had a bleeding beak ( not that much) and a few feather from his head not there. I think that shadow the last born ( a mix of dark and light colors) attacked him or her. I separated them so far but I’ve come to notice that they seem to be attacking each other. Sonic just attacked hope today (white colored) quail. I was able to stop it before anything happened but otherwise it’s just sonic and shadow who fight. Please help. I don’t know what to do other than to separate them. Will they always fight or is it just something because maybe one is a female? Please help! Thanks!
Can you post clear photos of each quail so we can figure out what sex they are.

Also get a couple photos of their cage so we can figure out how best to make them hiding spots in it.
So the cage is about a chicken or bunny coupe. It’s a two story although the top is definable smaller than the bottom. They spend most of there time on the bottom though. The pictures are also from where they used to live a while ago. But that’s how they look now
What kind of quail?
What do you feed?
How much space do they have?
Are you sure they're fighting, and it's not that one is trying to mate and is clumsy about it?
Courtenix quail (I’m sorry I can’t spell)
I feed them gamebird food it’s on amazon. I honestly don’t know if they are trying to mate. But when I saw the head and the beak it kinda freaked me out.
Yes of course also I’m sorry if the pictures look bad and I am not holding them right it may just look like that because I don’t want them to fly away.


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The second one and the last one are fighting. I also haven’t seen them fight in a day or so but I just want to know what you all have to say just to be safe.

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