Help my Rocky roo, PLEASE!!*UPDATE crop impaction*, Rocky's gone


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Mar 13, 2008
East South Central (West KY)
My SLW roo started acting a little lethargic yesterday and was sitting inside the coop on the nest. I thought maybe he just thought he was "helping"; then I realized he didn't look quite right. No bubbles in eyes, no red lesions anywhere, nothing visible except just not his normal perky self. A few minutes later when he came out into the run he left a foamy, bright green watery poop. Today he stayed in the nest box again. I took him some canned cat food with vitamins & electrolytes sprinkled on top of it. (approx. 1/4 cup of food). He ate about half of it. He still doesn't act like he feels good; he just sits in a dark corner and looks sleepy. What does he need, if it's meds, where do I find it, and what would be the dosage? Going to separate him when I go back outside before they all go into the coop for sleep. Thanks in advance for any responses. Help please!!!
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crtrlovr, I am no expert by any means. I can just give a guess. Maybe worms? Not sure. I would take a good look at the poo I guess. If he is lethargic I would try yogurt, chopped hard boiled eggs. I hope someone comes along soon, I know what you feel like.
ok, where's the unicorn, the speckledhen, MissPrissy, Wildsky, and all those other folks who give such wonderful information and advice to people when they need it? I NEED IT!!!
2 drops of vetrx down the throat, a drop under each wing,, and give injectable "pen-aqueouss" 1/2 cc once a day for 3 days,,,,if that dont make him better, he has serious problems.

thats for a full size roo,, cut that in half for smaller birds.
pick him up... see if hes poor ( if you can feel his breast bone any. hes a little poor. if you feel nothing but it. extremely poor) then make sure hes eating. worm him. get him on some vitamins.. should fix it
Foamy can mean intestinal parasites.
Has Rocky been wormed? If so, when and with what? If not, worming him may do the trick. He is weak which is not the best time to do that but if it is worms, he needs the worming meds pronto.

Also increase his nutrition - vitamins....Avia Charge 2000 in water, for example - to help him get through this. Try enticing healthy foods, e.g scrambled egg, yogurt, sunflower seeds.....

I hope Rocky will be alright.
I'm here, but I really have nothing to add. Remember, we are not vets, just other chicken owners like you, maybe with a bit more experience in some areas. I've not had the experience you have with your rooster, so it's hard to say what is wrong with him. When you have any bird who is looking ill, you use the same procedures. You separate the bird so you can observe it. You add a supplement to the water, either organic Apple Cider Vinegar with mother of vinegar OR a complete vitamin/mineral supplement like AviaCharge. You offer plain yogurt and maybe scrambled/boiled egg, maybe a bit of olive oil mixed in. And you watch for signs of illness that will give you a clue like discharges from eyes, nares (nostrils), ears. Look them over for pests, maybe dust for them just in case. Look at the poop for worms, though they are not always visible. You feel the crop to see if it's impacted of gassy. Hopefully, youll get more clues to what is wrong.
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