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    Hey everyone! We're in the process of making some big changes to our breeds system:

    of the problems we're dealing with is that we are only allowed a single page per breed. Unfortunately, some breeds have multiple submissions. We need your help with:

    1) Finding the breeds that are duplicates
    2) With the duplicates:

    A) See if any of the "duplicates" are differentiated enough to be made a different "breed" page with a different name? If the differences in the pages are just variety / color, then I think those should not be separate "breed" pages. If they should be separate "breeds" then help come up with the different "names"
    B) If they are just duplicates of the same breed, we're inclined to go with the first page submitted / created page and turn the duplicates into "breed sub-pages". The only time this may not be the best course of action is if a subsequent page has better pics and information.

    So, can we get a few volunteers to go through the breed pages, look for duplicates, and reply with their suggestions? For example, you might reply with something like:

    "I just reviewed the xyz breed pages. I found three total pages which are all for the same breed. I think the first one is definitely the best, and the 2nd & 3rd can be made into "sub-pages" for that breed"

    This is a very important project that we need to complete in the next 7 days, so any and all help is appreciated!
  2. Boggy Bottom Bantams

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    I'm a big Belgian d'anver guy. You've got two of them. No disrespect to the 1st one, but it is inaccurate in the production/ broodiness areas and limited in the breed information content.
    The second on is posted by Art Cosner, the President of the American Belgian d 'Anver Club. It gives the full history, all the colors in the US standard, accurate production and egg color details etc. Hands down go with it on the d'Anvers.

    Not sure if you are editing these or not..but my other major breed is phoenix. The page for them has a few inaccuracies in it as well. Again. no disrespect to the author.
    The minor stuff, egg production is average some pretty high, they take ALL climates well. Their tails will not freeze off. Being single combed, that is their only issue with cold.

    The major stuff, Phoenix WERE NOT created in Japan or any part of Asia. They originated in Europe, with Germany being a major factor and to a lesser degree The USA also did a good bit of creation on the breed. There has never been a phoenix kept in Japan, and NO phoenix will get a 20 foot tail. All the hatchery info like this is just confusion of breeds. The Onagadori is the breed in Japan, they get those massive tails and are a totally separate breed unto themselves. They have single combs and white ear lobes, that's about all they and phoenix have in common breed wise. All the hatcheries advertise Phoenix chickens with the history and breed details on the Onagadori, this has to stop, it's misleading and very inaccurate of the phoenix breed. Tails of 2 -6 or so feet is all you will get with true pure bred phoenix.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    There are two Araucana pages. They both have accurate info. I prefer the pictures in the first page.

    But other than that either one is fine. I would like my info added to the breeders section. Who do I contact.

  4. HenThymes

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    I just visited both of the Orpington pages. Personally I feel the first one needs to go away and the second one needs revisited and cleaned up. I see misspelled words and a few other things. Also noticed that there is no Bantam Orpington Breed page anywhere??? [​IMG]
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    Quote:I agree. Maybe it can be mentioned in the breeds with Bantam counterparts that they also are available in Bantam. Proper color descriptions should also be used. Perhaps an APA judge should be asked to assist so the site will be more accurate. We have several here on BYC that would love to help.

    Also, perhaps using photos true to the breed.
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    There's a Polish page and a Tolbunt page. could be combined under Polish
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  8. Boggy Bottom Bantams

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    Quote:yep Tolbunt is just a color not a breed
  9. Nifty-Chicken

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    Please keep the ideas and reviews coming!

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