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Hi there, I am very new to chickens, I have 2 chicks who are 6 days old now. I have hatched them from an incubator. I am desperate to raise the healthiest chickens in the UK. Can I give them treats such as yoghurt or grubs? If so, what kind? If not, when?
The chicks are indoors in a brooder, how long do they need the lamp for and should the bulb be red or special? The chicks seem very happy and healthy, they are sprouting feathers on their wings and starting to flap and jump occasionally. Can I do any thing else to keep them happy and healthy?
Please help
Red helps reduce pecking, the light makes it so other chickens can't see injuries that they would otherwise eat. Also, a red light is less harsh compared to a white light, and your babies can sleep better. Some ppl like heaters for that reason.
if you check out the sticky at the top of this page there are lots of good bits of info.

What kind of light are you currently using? how big is their brooder? I use a red heat bulb in the early spring when it is still really cold but now that it is HOT (86 right now) I only have a 40 watt bulb on my 2 week old chicks that I bought yesterday. They are outside in the shop in a pretty big brooder (well at least it is big for 3 chicks lol -those impluse buys will get ya!)
Thank you Ms. Frizzle.
Do I buy a normal red bulb or is there a special one for chickens? I know I sound 'der' but like i said, I am brand new to this.
ps. I used to have an aunt whom we called Frizzle, your name just reminded me of her. Thanks for that too x
I am very new to this to but I'll try to help the best I can. I didn't hatch our chicks and also didn't give them yogurt until about 2 weeks old. Only because I didn't know about it before.I haven't given them anything other than mash and yogurt. I also put vitamins in their water. They need a lamp at least until they are 6 weeks. We used a red light at first then it broke. Now we are using a white light. Keeping them warm with fresh food, water and bedding is all I can say.
No-problem! The red light I've been using is a typical bulb for a heat lamp. Unless you've been using house bulbs, idk what you mean by special! The only light I've had break was a white one, I had it too low, and I'm pretty sure a chicken pecked it, or flapped a wing into it.

Cute about your aunt, I like to think of my self as Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. : ) Used to love that show as a kid.
My babies have never had very adventurous palates until they got a bit older, so don't fret if they won't even try the things you are offering. However, at about 1 -2 weeks, I bought some tiny crickets at the pet store. They went BONKERS chasing and eating those little things all around the brooder. Regular mealworms are a good treat when they get a bit older. Even the regular sized ones may be a bit too big right now.
I am currently using an indoor guinea pig crate as a brooder, this is inside a large dog cage as I have 2 cats (they cant get near the birds). The bulb is a 60w white. I have taken the chicks home from school for the half term break and I feel I have been thrown in the deep end with no support.
Thanks for any help

ps, The bulb is a regular household one. Is this wrong?
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Oh wow. Maybe you want to put cardboard around the cage to help prevent drafts. Also, I've had cats who hooked baby birds through the bars. A heat lamp you can pick up for $15 at the nearest feed store. (call ahead though).

Do they plan on getting these chickens back, or do you get to keep them?

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