HELP! Older chick with a bowed out leg


In the Brooder
May 10, 2015
She is two months old and we just noticed this. Her left leg is bowing out and she can't seem to put it back. We think it is a tendon at the knee. We have tried to splint it and we could not get it back very well. She can walk around on it but is wobbly. Any suggestions please?
here is a picture of her. Please help us!!!
I would take some vet wrap and make her a brace. Make sure it is not to tight or to loose. I would also give physical therapy gently pushing her leg in every day. Only turn it in to where it does not hurt her.
Thank you so much. We are pretty new to this, do you have any ideas on how to go about making it?
Just wrap the vet wrap around the tendon. It should start straightening it out in a few weeks

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