Help one of my hens is acting so strange! I’ve tried working but sleeping constantly

Jul 9, 2017
My hen is very lethargic! Sleeping constantly but still eating and drinking. I’ve tried working them and she has no other symptoms besides pale comb and isolated. DE is in the food and worm meds in water. I’m scared she will pass but don’t know what it is! This is so frustrating! I am so worried bc we lost our rooster in January and we thought he was septic from a wound.


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Hi. :frow

Sorry your hen is having trouble. :(

DE in the feed is irrelevant as a wormer and is approved as an ingredient in feed at a rate of up to 2% as an anti caking agent. Once it gets wet it's useless as in the case of intestinal worms. Scientific studies show it is NOT effective as a worming agent.

That being said... let's try to help your hen! We are gonna need some more information please.. All questions are only to help narrow down possibilities and get clues. :)

How old is she? When was the last time she laid? What do you feed including treats and supplement? How many birds in how much space total? How has recent weather been?

Where is she sleeping constantly? Standing or laying down? Did you actually see worms? Or why are you worming? What are you worming with? How long have you been treating? How long have you noticed the behavior? Have you seen her droppings?

Coccidiosis is the most simple possibility... from initial description.

Hope she recovers quickly. :fl
Maybe she's lonely or bored. Do you have other chickens too?
A too of mine died suddenly a while ago. He was a great rooster, fathered 7 chicks from a 10 egg lay of my ameraucana hen.... Then died ? I think he thought about having to pay child support... Who knows..anyway chickens do get sick and sometimes die!:confused:
She laid a couple days ago but my silkie went broody and grabbed last one. Something has seemed off to me and my fiancé thought I was paranoid. She is right at a year old and has no other signs. I’m using wazine as the wormer and DE as an extra parasite or anti caking only. But any other ideas I am open to!
I was using rooster booster and it did not seem to help her. The worker has been used since Monday so on day 5 and I have not seen any worms but read other people having similar problems.
I don’t think so and I feel the others would too. They are inside a privacy fence the length of our home only to free range, and this behavior has went on over a week and I think getting worse. I can not figure it out and scared I’m runnjng out of time and scared for my new chickens I hatched. I thought the feather loss was from my Roo but now I’m worried not so much...

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