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    Jan 21, 2014
    I am having a traumatic first hatch - if it can go wrong it *has*

    Lizzie - Pekin girl - had her first brood, 7 eggs.

    Hatched 2 successfully 2 days apart - she managed to steal some eggs after the ones we let her keep and ended up staggered as I hadn't marked the eggs she was keeping

    She then abandoned eggs 3-7, they were *cold* when I took her breakfast - no idea why when I did final night checks she was on nest happy as larry... for some reason I decided to pop them in the incubator and one has just hatched after a *long* 24 hours of me nervously monitoring temp and humidity... a second one has just pipped

    s/he seems to have a chunk of yolk attached and I *think* it's drying rapidly and rest assured am not touching/poking in any way

    Bubble is Polish Crested x (either Light Sussex or Pekin)

    Peeping very loud and quite sprightly

    Sorry about the quality of the pics - it's a home made incubator and only a very small viewing window



    When can s/he come out? is it just a case of when warm, dry, fluffy and that has fallen off or longer? I hope to pop him/her back in with Lizzie, Pip and Squeak if she's willing to accept the new baby.
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    hard to tell from the picture what it is that is still attached. But I can tell you that I had a chick hatch end of June that had a long gooey, yolk string/chunk hanging from his tummy when hatched. I freaked out. I was told to just leave him alone (under a broody hen). And I am not sure if ti was absorbed or not but he is fine and healthy now! The only advice I would say is: Once dry and out of the incubator, if there is anything still there, put a little disinfectant on it.
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  3. Well let all the egg's hatch first and keep them a day or so or until they can run around on their own for safety reasons but if you are going to see if the mommy will take them back try it in the evening and with out lights or fanfare ........

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