HELP!!!!!... PHOTO UPDATE..MY BRAVE Roo....Doing better now....

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    May 16, 2011
    First of my coop is inside of a bigger run...the run and coop are all covered with hardware cloth, and I have a hardware cloth Apron/skirting all the way around!!! And it is a all Covered on top too !!!
    I wake up to my only 8 week OEG ROO SCREAMING !!!! [​IMG]
    I run outside to see a COON has gotten into the coop and was killing my OEG roo!

    We have no clue how he got in cause everything is covered with hardware cloth...I see NO signs of entry, NO digging marks, NO spread wire..NOTHING....and when I went out chasing the COON...the darn thing could not get no clue how he got in....(not a big run and coop so no way the coon could of been way!!!)

    So it is black out and I "think" my other girls are ok thus far...but I will have to go look to see the extent in the AM [​IMG]

    My Roo cannot walk now on 1 let (toes curled all up)...I looked him over and found tear mark and feather gone under his Right wing...the THIN layer of skin is open , but no damage to the Meaty area...
    I washed it all of and put a ton of antibiotic cream on the 2 half inch areas.....then put him inside in a warm box with food and water at his feet.....But he cannot move that foot or bare weight on it....
    I gave him vitamins in his water and gave him eggs too. I cannot feel any broken bones....
    Will he be able to heal (there was no real bleeding to speak of) what can i do to SAVE him and make him walk again????
    He is my little man...he threw himself IN FRONT of the coon and even on ONE LEG was trying to prevent the girls from getting hurt...
    PLEASE HELP...not sure if he will make it through the night [​IMG]

    What else can I do [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    thank you,
    Laura [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I had a hen survive a coon attack. Give him some time and keep the wounds covered in antibiotic cream. I used vitamin D ointment. He's going to be sore for awhile. Make sure he's eating and drinking. You could had vitamins to his water. He's such a good guy to protect his girls.
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    Dec 13, 2010
    The best thing you can do is guard against shock by keeping him warm in a dark place as you are doing. If you have any electrolytes add them to his water ... stress can rob the body of potassium ... and if he were mine I'd start some oral antibiotics as soon as possible. As for his leg, it may well be a severe strain or sprain, in which case it will take time to heal. As long as he doesn't have any internal injuries he should recover with rest and attention. I'm sending healing thoughts your way.
  4. coloradogal

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    Jul 5, 2011
    I'm so sorry and know how you feel but in my case it was a dog and puncture marks and a little hen. I called a vet and they told me to insure there was no bleeding still and if there was to put flour on it, isolate and keep warm, insure there is food/water in a stress free environment and just let time take its course.

    My little girl was wobbly for a couple of days but she's walking again normally. We did decide to name her Lucky though.

    I'm not sure that helps but chickens seem to have more lives than cats.
  5. PAchickenlover

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    Jun 29, 2011
    Sorry to hear about your brave little roo... I hope he makes it [​IMG]
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    Your rooster did his job, he was going to sacrifice himself to protect his hens, he's a good roo worth saving. Continue with the antibiotic cream treatment for the tears under his wing til they heal. You've done everything that I wouldve done in a similar situation. Leg/foot injuries take time to heal. You cant make him walk, that is something that he has to do on his own. I've dealt with leg injuries plenty of times. Some injuries heal in a few days, a week or two, some take months and some never heal. I've seen them all.
    I have always caged a bird with a leg injury, to try and limit their movement to prevent further and relaxation. I recommend you feed him scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk in his feed to make a mash. You can also purchase vitamin B complex tablets at a pharmacy, crush a few of them into powder and sprinkle the powder into the scrambled egg/buttermilk/feed mixture. The scrambled egg is extra protein to help keep up his strength, the buttermilk is a probiotic to help his immune system, and the vitamin B complex might help his leg heal quicker. Do this for 5 days, then see if there is any improvement by letting him try to walk. If not, continue with the same treatment for another 5 days, then stop. Just provide him his regular feed and water thereafter. Keep in mind that it takes time to heal. If the leg doesnt heal, he'll still be able to get around on one leg. He will still protect his hens on one leg as you have witnessed.
    I also recommend that you thoroughly and systematically inspect your pen and coop where the coon breached through and repair it as necessary. The coon or other predators will find their way in again if you dont. I hope you were able to kill the coon and dispose of it. Good luck.
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    Jun 27, 2010
    His leg muscle and/or tendons have been traumatized and it will have to be a wait and see. I would keep him hydrated and put him on some antibiotics to fight off any infection. I had a cat that was mauled by a dog and same thing. It took about two weeks for her to start using her leg again. That's what the vet said, wait and see. Keep him secluded and quiet for now until he is out of shock danger. Give him lots of love and keep him comfortable.
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    May 16, 2011
    Thank You all for the warm wishes....
    I always put my sick birds on vitamin water and scrambled eggs with buttermilk.....That is the First things I give them.....
    I had him bndled up in with a baby blanket to keep him warm for the night.....
    So far he is still alive!
    I just love this little guy...He has always been a great Roo since I got him at 1 day old...he not only protects his hens but has warned ME and my little 5 year old of things when following us in the yard!!!

    This is one Special little guy...and I sure hope he pulls through.....

    There still has been no bleeding...but should i try to super glue the superficial tear closed so the muscle does not get infected more????

    I am always great at telling others what to do.. but once it happens to me it is like i go BLANK !

    Thanks again,
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    Mar 2, 2011
    Knee Deep
    I had a br years ago that went missing atfter an attack to only come home a few days later limping. his foot healed up cruled into a ball. he still got around fine, not as quick though. He lasted another 2 years till the old man next door found him all tore up in his yard (he thought his dog got him, but not sure) So good luck with your brave roo and hopfully his foot will heal right, if not, (on the foot healing right)don't count him out just yet [​IMG]
  10. Animalian

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    Jun 18, 2011
    if the tear is long and you super glue it leave about 1cm open at one end so it can drain! If its only small (like 2-3cm long) you can seal it up. DON'T superglue any punctures you find because it will do more harm then good.

    Keep him in a small space and keep the lights dim to try and avoid him trying to move around too much so his legs can heal.

    Good luck with the little guy, I hope he's earned himself a courageous name after all this!!! (if he hasn't already got one!)
    Maybe after a protector god like Sobek? Bes? Vishnu? Prometheus? Or even Septu! Egyptian warrior god of protection and defence!! GO YOUNG ROO!

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