HELP! PLEASE? Need advice for treating 50+ for lice/mites


12 Years
May 18, 2009
Good morning. I have treated a flock of 3 for lice before with seven dust and it worked great. I now have a flock of 50+ and found some what I belive to be lice on some of them a few days ago. I would use the seven dust again since it worked so good the first time but some of the hens in my flock now are so timmed that I can't catch them to treat them. Even if I try to do it at night they just fly around and beat themselfs up against the coop. Is there anything that I can buy to put in their water or feed? Or does anyone on here know of another way that I can get rid of these little pest? Want to do it a.s.a.p. before they get really bad.
My chickens and I thank you for any help!
God bless!
I started finding lice knits on my girls a couple of months ago. I treated them by making two nice dust bathing stations. I used a cat litter box and a small rubbermaid, and it worked great. I put sand, wood ash, d.e., and poultry dust in the containers. The girls went to work right away, and i couldn't find anymore lice knits the very next day.
Ivomec 1% injectable cattle ivermectin; mix 4cc per gallon of water. The mixture must be the only water the birds get for 2 days. For lice/mites, retreat in 14 days same dosage and amount of days.
I have access to sand and seven dust so I will build a box and put some in it and give it a try.
Thank you so much!
God bless!
Fourteen days is the normal withdrawal times for ivermectin. The exception is eprinex pour on. There is no withdrawal time for eprinex, but the problem is that each chicken has to be dosed individually. You might want to PM "Lollipop," regarding using Adams Flea and Tick spray. He had a mixture for dosing a large quantity of chickens...and ask him about withdrawal if that product is used (there might not be a withdrawal, I cant remember,sorry.) You could also use a sprayer to spray the coops etc...with the Adams.
Wendy'sChicksRock :

AWESOME TIP... I'll remember this if I ever have this issue ( im sure I will, seems everyone does at some point )

Thank you


You're welcome.
Is there any withdrawl time with the eggs using the ivermectin?

There is no legal withdrawal time for ivermectin, because it is not approved for use in poultry in the US. You cannot legally sell the eggs (ever) if you have used it. Beware the wrath of the feds!
I am also going to try the dust bath idea. My birds are incredibly timid, so I am not even certain that they have lice, but I found what I think where lice on my hands after feeding them one day. Do I need to treat the coop and run? If so, how do I do that?

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