Help please! Tired, gasping, sweet chick :(

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9 Years
Aug 31, 2010
Fayette county, IL
Hi there,

I got chicks in the mail almost a month ago, they came from a respected breeder. They have been kept in a brooder away from all ther birds.
One of the pullets is gasping for air alot of the time, and her eys seem to be a very slightly diffrent shape than the rest. I'm not sure if they're swollen or not or maybe on they're way there. And it looks as if in one area she can't completly close it ( but only the smallest sliver of eye is showing).
When it comes down to the gasping everynow an then she does the sane thing chicks do after they've gotten something to drink, which makes me think there may be something coming up. I don't think I hear a clicking noise that would be associates with a respritory disease. But her breathing seems to be labored and she's kind of listless

If anyone could give me an idea of anything or has anymore questions please ask.
I really don't want to cull her, but if I have to I will
put them on tylan 200. You can order it from jeffers. It is a great antibiotic. Baytril would be great if you can get it from a vet. good luck

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