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    Apr 22, 2017
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    Hi there I recently purchased 5 polish chickens I had them all in the same brooder . I have lost 2 one just died of unknown reasons he other of a broken neck again unknown how it happened . Suddenly overnight I have another with a broken leg please help as to what I can do to help this little guy . I have him separate from the others with a little heat and plenty of shavings to rest on . Any advice would mean a lot
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    Sorry you're having a hard time of it. There may be something about your brooder that is unsafe. I'd have a good look at it. As for the injured lil guy, the temp needs to be managed very carefully, as he can't move away from the heat, if too hot, and must be kept warm enough, also. You'll need an actual thermometer checking the temp under the heat source at all times. I don't know much about the leg, but I would think the most important thing at the moment is his temp, and that he can safely access water and feed.
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    I'm so sorry to hear you are having such dreadful problems with your new birds.

    How old are they and what makes you think they have or had broken bones?
    My guess is that you are witnessing some sort of paralysis like wry neck and leg paralysis. It is extremely unusual for chickens to break bones and two in such a short time suggests you are misinterpreting the symptoms you are seeing.
    It could be vitamin deficiency, but if these chickens are over 7 weeks old my guess would be an outbreak of Marek's Disease which will most likely have been triggered by the stress of moving to a new home.
    A poultry vitamin supplement may help and extra quality treats like scrambled egg and tuna and a chicken sling or hammock to support the one that has the leg problem in an upright position. If you can take a video and post it to the likes of You Tube and then link it to this thread it will help determine if the lameness is an injury or neurological. Marek's disease can also cause sudden death, so that might account for the other one.

    I hope I am wrong as it can be a devastating disease.... I know, I have it in my flock.

    Good luck with your remaining birds.

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    Feb 14, 2014
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