HELP!!! Raccoon attack!!!


Dec 3, 2015
All right, my mom and I need a lot of help. We have six chickens, one dead, one dying, and one possibly dying. The other three seem to be OK, but the other three definitely not. One is beyond saving, and the other one we are hoping stays alive. When we got to the pen the raccoon had already ripped the head off one, tore the skin off the side of the one that is dying, and tore about half of the skin off the neck of the other one. We need a lot of help to try to figure out how to save the one with the neck injury. She still alive and breathing, she's bleeding but not too much and right now we have gauze pads and wrap around it.
We love this chicken very very much, and she has been our alarm bells every time there's an attack. She's very selfless for a chicken, and she has seems to have nine lives. If there's any help for us please message back as soon as possible!!!!!!!


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Aug 9, 2014
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First, move the two injured ones inside and keep them quiet and warm. I like laundry baskets or milk crates with towels in the bottom. I put them in the bathroom and turn on the overhead heat, not a lamp or anything yet. You want it to feel like summertime, about 85 degrees.

Next, I would bring in the three that seem ok and set them aside for a THOROUGH examination. Chickens will hide injuries to the best of their abilities, so they may not let you know they're hurt. Look for broken feathers or bruises, torn skin, things like that.

I haven't had a lot of experience with the types of wounds that you're describing, but I can get you started until someone else can help.


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Dec 14, 2014
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I have a woodduck with 9lives,well 6 or so now. She had a terrible laceration on her chest I could see a large amount of muscle and didnt think she was going to make it. Sounds like your doing the right things. Keep her clean and comfortable. Pick up these two things to help if you don't have them
nutridrench poulty booster
And vetricyn topical spray.I imagine it's hard for her to swallow and this is huge vitamin dose to the water. The spray was like a miracle cure in my case, there's no noticeable damage to my duck months after her attack. Once you have this all taken care of I would take a serious look at your chickens security. If you didn't deal with that raccon it will be back and possibly with friends. I wish you the best of luck.
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