Help! Replacement Black Australorp Chick not doing well.

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    Jun 6, 2016
    Any help appreciated! Here's the problem...


    I bought 6 chicks at Rural King, one of each of the following breeds: Black Australorp, Black Sex Link, Barred Rock, ISA Brown, Buff Orpington, and a Road Island Red. All of the chicks look like they are between 2 and 3 weeks old based on feathers. The Black Australorp appeared sluggish and didn't move much right off the bat. I never saw it eat or drink. The next day it hadn't changed much and didn't even move if another chick stepped on it. I tried syringe feeding it a few drops of water but it only took a single drop. That night it died, which i witnessed as it started walking and then dropped its head in the pine shavings and stumbled. Then went belly up flapping its wings, recovered for a few seconds, then died.

    The Problem??

    I went back to Rural King today to get a replacement thinking i just got a bad bird. I watched them in the pen at Rural King for a short while and they all appeared active and healthy. Immediately when i got it home, which was just 10 minutes away, it appeared to act the same as the first one so i isolated it in its own box with clean bedding, food, and water. It chirped for a short while, but didn't move much. I checked on it a while later and it wedged itself between the water and the wall of the box. Thinking it was too hot i moved the heat lamp back a bit, even though the thermometer was reading 86 degrees so it should have been fine.

    Other Info:

    -The chicks stool appears normal, not dry or excessively wet. Color looks ok, brown and a small white spot.No sign of blood.
    -Feathers look ok, not ruffled or scraggly.
    -The brooder at the store appeared to be clean.
    -The chick did have some wet fluff after standing in the water, which i blow dried off.
    -The chick looks to be about 2 weeks old.

    Not sure where to go from here to help the little chick or what's wrong with her in the first place. If she ends up like the first one, she's got about 24 hours to live if i don't intervene.

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