Help roaming youngsters?


Nov 12, 2019
Grass Valley , CA
Our group of free roaming youngster peafowl has roamed off the property. They traveled half a mile down our driveway & they have been seen across a busy road. These youngsters have never strayed before. Its 2 boys & 3 girls. Its mating season here and we have 40+ peafowl.
We usually feed them right off the patio near the same time everyday & that's how we keep them here. Now we are afraid of other peafowl leaving too.
We dont know what is going on around here lately. Bear, my lion, bobcats & coyote are all over this mountain coming into more populated areas. No one knows why. It's like something is driving them all away.
Can I get some advice on how we can get the youngsters back?
And what can we do to keep the others here?
Please & thank you

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