Help - Rooster with torn wattle what do i do? please please help

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Dec 13, 2010
hey guys my pet rooster was just in a fight with another chook and she hurt the back of his wattle on the top of his head and we have cleaned it up and put some antisecptic liquid on it to keep it clean what else can i do to help him and should i take him to the vet?

please please if anyone has had this happen how can i help him
Spray it with Blu-Kote or put some antibiotic ointment on it with no painkillers is all I can think of.

If you think he will get picked on more I'd separate him until he stops bleeding/heals a little.

I don't have experience with a ripped comb so hopefully someone else can chime in.
hey there

i took him the vet and they love him lol
we got him some antibotics to take home and i will have to give it him twice and day with a syrpinge but that should be fine

i have separted him from the others until it is healed over and hopefully it doesnt happen again

he weighs in at 2.7 kg lol my fat chook
Sounds good!

Just remember when using spray on or other topical antiseptics to make sure they don't contain any ingredients with "caine" in them (i.e. benzocaine, lidocaine, etc.)
The appendage on top of a chicken's head is called the comb, and there are different types - single, rose, pea, walnut, etc. Roosters and hens tend to grab and bite the comb when they're fighting with each other, and sometimes when mating. The result is often tearing, even separating the comb from the head.

Most often, a separated comb will reattach very quickly, and torn combs, though they bleed a lot, will knit back together, but sometimes not. You can try super-gluing a torn comb, but the bleeding has to have stopped before trying to glue it. I've tried super-gluing a separated comb, but it didn't work.

Surgery is always an option, too. Chickens can do quite nicely without parts of their combs. I had a pullet that was constantly picked on by the others because she was lowest in the pecking order and her comb was very large, protruding quite a long ways off the back of her head. It was a rose comb with a long tail like a rooster's. The back part was always getting torn from her scalp. I solved the problem by doing a partial dubbing, and removed the back one-fourth of her comb, making it flush with her head so her enemies wouldn't have anything to grab hold of.

If your rooster has part of his comb torn, and it's hanging by a thread, you can go ahead and cut it all the way loose. Put flour on it to halt the bleeding. He will be fine without it. But this is a shot in the dark because you really haven't told us much about the wound, and just what it involves. A photo would be a huge help.
hey guys

Arnie is healing nicely and taken medicine like a pro which is great i hold him and someone opens his mouth and i squirt the medicine in he doesnt like it very much but he puts up with it

it is so strange my rooster loves me and my bf in the morning he will make a hell of a noise and soon as we come out he stops cos he wants our attention and loves to sit with us on the greass outside aswell
we have really bounded with him

it is getting better i think it will be fine to keep on it was torn away from the head a little but it is fine now if i was going to remove it would prob get the vet to remove it cos if something and it was my fault i wouldnt forgive myself.

i love my rooster Arnie

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