Help! Rotten egg or partial chick in my sweet potato casserole.


10 Years
Jul 24, 2009
SE Louisiana
I am making sweet potato casserole for our church's Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I boiled fresh sweet potatoes for this and had everything mixed. I was adding the eggs and cracked one that looked like a developing embryo or was rotten. I wasn't sure, because I grabbed a spoon and quickly scooped out the egg and surrounding sweet potato mixture and dropped it down the garbage disposal. The egg smelled bad, but it wasn't an overwhelming odor in my kitchen.
Has anyone ever gone on to finish a meal after scooping out the offending egg? I don't have any more sweet potatoes or time to make another casserole before tomorrow. We may not have enough for everyone if I don't bring this one. I know I am supposed to break the eggs into a separate bowl, and I do this often. I just wasn't thinking today, because I was working on several different things at one time. My real question is if you have scooped out the offensive egg, cooked your meal and lived to tell about it.
Thanks so much!
Edited to add: Well, I decided to throw it away. I found some canned sweet potatoes in my overflow pantry and decided to make another batch. My daughter generously offered to drive down to the dollar store and get a couple of cans in addition to the ones I had. It will not be close to the flavor of the original, but at least it will feed people.
When I unwrapped the original casserole to throw it away, it had the unmistakable odor of rotten egg,
which had gotten horrible since I made it a few hours ago. So thankful I was able to make a new one!
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