Oct 26, 2019
I have a sick chicken not drinking water or eating anything. I have this chicken isolated. What should I do to get the chicken to drink some water and eat?
Hi I just had this problem! Keep her hydrated every half hour or so by dripping water on the side/ under her beak and if you get enough water on the beak she should swallow it. If you have a dropper or a Q tip it should work. Also, what worked for me was a bit of sugar water on a silver spoon held up to my chick. Basically I mixed a bit of sugar into a cup of water then held a silver spoon up to my chick, and I guess because of the glint of the spoon she was curious and pecked at it and drank. If she won't drink from a spoon though, you will have to drop water onto her beak until she will drink. Also dripping her an electrolyte mix might help, if you have it. Good luck! I hope that your chick will be ok!
Sometimes a chicken will eat wet feed--just put a little of her usual feed on a spoon or in a dish, and add water until it's soggy. If she will eat it, then it's food and water in one!

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