HELP! Sick chicken!


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Apr 23, 2016
Hello, I'm a newbie at chickens. I have an easter egger that is 13 weeks old. She has started sitting down and not running around when let out of coop. She keeps to herself and eyes closed at all times and lets you hold her which is not common. Panting it looks like. I put her in her own cage with electrolytes in her water. No external problems that I can see on her. It has been 90 degrees, but she also started with diarrhea (I think) Not her norm. What could it be and do I keep her quarantined? Thanks! April
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It could be heat related.
Place her in a cooler area and offer plain cold water or if you have them poultry electrolytes for a day.
Offer wet poultry feed if she will eat.

There are numerous threads/article on keeping chickens cool in hot weather, just search at the top.

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