HELP! TSC Fail. What kind of “English” Orpingtons?!


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Mar 17, 2021
I was told these are an English Orpington variety at TSC, after first being told they were ISA Brown, and Cornish Cross. Yeah, right…so once I told them they had their labels wrong, they went and checked and said these pullets just came in labeled English Orpingtons. So I asked further probing for specifics and he went and got a post-it from the back. It said “Silver Laced English Orpington Variety”. But the rest they didn’t have a guess on, and I wasn’t willing to trust their expertise on this subject. Way too many burns, being told I purchased something then it wasn’t the real thing. But I do trust they are Orpingtons and I got a “clearance” price.

Here are my guesses based on research I’ve done, but maybe some of you that have raised Orps can offer an educated glance:

First photo of 6 yellowish blue chicks—leaning heavily on “Blue Splash Orpington”—from what I’ve seen the lavender orps have lighter feet, and “splash/cuckoo” chicks tend to have the splash coloring or “dipped” feet. Is that the case? All of the chicks I purchased have dark steely legs and pink toes, so keep that in mind when you see them.

Second photo of 2 darker blue chicks—“Blue Splash Orps” also just darker shade? Or do they have a “blue cuckoo”? Is there a “Lavender Splash” that the first ones could be and then these are the actual “Blue Splash”? Help!!!

Third photo is single brown chick—matches exactly the “Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington”, too much variety for it to be merely Chocolate Orp, imho, but I could be wrong.

Last photo is of a dozen black chicks—these initially looked like Australorps to me except the fact that did say these are Silver Laced English Orps, and then there is the splash or dipping on their feet that I’ve never seen with Australorps; they have always had yellow or pink legs. They just seem a little different to me to be Black Australorp but is there a Black English Orp still in broad circulation? Or could they actually be what they labeled them, as Silver Laced English Orpingtons?

TIA for any help and wisdom!


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I don't see any Silver-laced chicks. I breed them and they look a lot different. Best guesses at this point if they are actually English Orpingtons is that you have BBS (Blue, Black, and Splash) and possibly some Lavenders. The only hatchery I know of with SLO is Cackle. If the feedstore doesn't get their chicks from them I have no idea what they could be. SLO chicks from Cackle are $20 for day-old pullets. I doubt they'd have ordered them or clearanced them if that is actually what they had.

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