Help us mourn our 3 lost chickies...


8 Years
Oct 16, 2011
Eatonville, WA
We have (or had) 7 pet chickens. Our family LOVES them, even though we've only been chicken owners for 3 months. We get so much joy out of watching them and petting them and caring for them. Especially my 4 year old girl, who absolutely adores our feathered friends.

So my daughter and I were having a tea party in her room, and she came into the kitchen to get some graham crackers, and she came running back screaming that the neighbor dogs (weimeraners) were in the yard killing chickens. We ran the dogs off, but not before they'd killed Nellie the speckled sussex, Betsy the partridge rock, and Lily the Easter egger (the kids' favorite.) Our faulty gate (which we didn't realize was faulty) was the root of the problem, but the neighbors feel terrible and will be reimbursing us.

But it's not the price of 3 feed store chicks that hurts, and you guys know that. Remember my children's sad hearts in your prayers tonight.

Sorry for your loss. Be aware that these dogs now know that you have chickens. They will try to return. Hopefully your neighbors can contain them.
you should make sure to tell them to keep a eye on there dogs. where I live it is legal to kill dogs if they are harassing livestock and it happens around here. I would never pesonally do it but I am sure this happens in other places as well. I have a dog that on occasion likes to take herself for a walk and I know that it could happen to her. we have since found ways to keep her from doing this
Very, very sorry. I really hate hearing about chickens being killed in their own, fenced yards by loose dogs that break in. I realize the dog owner's feel bad but that's just too little too late, and the reimbursement... I'm glad they are willing but it's just not something that can ever be made right in my opinion. Just like $50 buck's wouldn't mean a darn thing to them if someone had shot their chicken killing dogs.
So sorry!
So sorry for your loss. And that your daughter saw this. Give her a big hug from all of us
Thank you all for your support. I knew people on this site would understand.
DD and I are going to the feed store this morning for 3 new ones. Our feed store stocks an amazing array of varieties, so it will be interesting to see what we come home with.

Last night we took the 2 cement blocks that were the support for the play set that the former owners of the house used to have, and put them on either side of the faulty more weimeraners slipping through! We're also having the neighbors give us a heads-up before they let the dogs out, so we can round up the chickies into their coop. It's a small inconvenience, but until we're sure we're dog-proof, it's a smart precaution.

I'm glad we can stay on good terms with the neighbors. We've really enjoyed living by them. They have a little boy the same age and the same activity level as our boy, and they have strong family values. Plus, both of the parents are police officers, so we feel a little safer having them nearby. They are our ONLY neighbors, too. Aside from the chicken-chasing, we like the dogs, too. They're good with the kids, and they're sweet and friendly. I sure hope we can work this all out...

I'm so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to your children too

I'm glad you will remain on good terms with your neighbors. It's important to have good people, close by. Like a previous poster mentioned above, the dogs now have a taste for your chickens, so be extra cautious.

Do the dogs normally just run around like that unsupervised?.

Hugs again, especially to your litte girl, who unfortunately saw the horrible incident.

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