Help whats wrong with my chicken


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Jul 7, 2019
My chiicken is acting weird she wont stand up shes 3 years old and she sometimes has trouble aiming at food with her beak
Hello! Sorry to hear that your hen isn't feeling well. There are a couple things that can be checked to give us more information. Is she currently laying? If not, is she currently molting (losing feathers and growing back new ones) or gone through a molt recently? Feel her crop, is it empty in the morning before she's eaten and full when she goes to roost? Feel her abdomen, is it hard/soft, squishy.. what does it feel like? Also, what breed is she?

If your hen is a high producing breed like a Leghorn of sex-link, they can often get laying problems. Your hen could be internally laying, egg-bound, or have a myriad of any other conditions. It's disconcerting that she can't 'aim' at food properly, which I haven't encountered before except in terms of a full crop (it can get in the way of the hen eating properly). I would be concerned of something else, potentially neurological if the crop is not the issue.

It may also be helpful to check the color/consistency of her droppings.

Pictures would probably help as well.

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