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Aug 19, 2019
One of our chicks that hatched on 8/9 that seems to be growing alot slower then her sisters. Shes eating drinking and tries to keep up with everyone else but isnt growing fathers or really maturing. Today just now I was hanging out with her at the kitchen table when suddenly he wing fell off. I'm not sure what's wrong with her or what to do. Any help would be great. I'll post pictures.


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Oh gee ... Have the others been picking on it? This is the first I've heard of this happening ... @casportpony @Eggcessive @azygous
@Mvan42 tagged a few experienced, as I have. Keep the wound clean, perhaps some Neosporin without the pain relief, even some Vetercyn would help but keep it clean and best to separate from the rest, they'll see that red and peck. Make a temp brooder with heat source, feather duster mimics a hen and/or a cuddly stuffed animal and mirror so it can see it's reflection (as in my avatar).
No the girls share our bedroom manly because we have no brood. Nothing can get to them, shes abnormal small. Her other wing has feathers growing and everything. This one wing looks like it is a day old hatch still. No feathers at all and it just fell off.
Ok here I took a closer photo and a picture of the wing that fell off and the wing that's attached.


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I added photos but I can try to take a better one
Is there exposed bone?

I'm guessing she hatched with some type of deformity.
This is quite weird.

A few questions:
Do you have any pictures of her when she hatched?

Incubator or broody hatch?
If incubator did you have a calibrated thermometer in the bator?
Where did the eggs come from?

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