Help with baby chick leg.

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Chicken Kate

Feb 20, 2018
McLeansville North Carolina
The other day, i went to buy some silkies, and silkie EE mixes from a nice local breeder. After i picked my beautiful baby chicks, he asked if i wouldn't mind taking an EE pure breed for free. (Uh duh, obviously not lol.) Well as it turns out, he needed me to take her and nurse her back to health. She is a week old, she has one leg that is not functional. It goes behind her. The "Knee" area is swollen. I have tried a splint thing with a straw but noooot sure i did that right. Any suggestions? I really would like to help this baby.
Thanks all so very much .
As you can see, i have the rubber band still on her. But, to be honest, as a worry wort dork lol i am afraid to make it to tight.


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I think a hair elastic is a better option than a rubber band. And a bandaid or vet wrap better than those. :) As long as it works. The important thing is starting it early and you've done that.
That's how you know she loves you.

If you have vet wrap or a bandaid, that works well. Looks like you've done a good job, Mama.
Awwe thank you, that makes me a lot better. I hope youre right. I really love these babies.

Aww thank you again. Oddly enough, evem though we are pretty much a farming community, we do not have an avian vet near by. I wanted to get her while she was super young. Thank you for the hair band idea. Ill switch to that now. I hope i can help her. Again thank you so very much .

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