Help with my Cochin Roo


May 22, 2016
We just introduced this guy to our 6 month old hens. He is young and was living in a small pen. He is hiding in the coup and in the nesting boxes and seems afraid of the hens. He did get a little picked on when we first put him in with the girls. What can I do?

What a pretty bird! Give him time, and as he matures he will earn his place as flock leader. If he's also a juvenile, it may take a little longer, but it should happen. As long as the pullets aren't pinning him down or drawing blood, let them work it out. It might help to have a couple of hiding places for him (plywood leaned up against the run fence, both ends open so he can't be trapped) and more than one feeding and watering station. Make sure your coop and run are large enough so you don't have crowding issues, too.
Thank you. The coup and run are both very big. I have 11 hens and 1 Roo. The coup is 8 x 10 with 4 nesting boxes and the run is 16 x 30. I will try to set up some hiding places for him. Poor guy is out numbered. Thanks
Are your hens also Cochins? My Cochins, including the roo, are a little wimpy and tend to avoid conflict and hide rather than spar, peck and work it out.
They are not Cochins. I have 6 black sex links, 2 red sex links, one ?, and 2 Ameraucana hens. I love the Roo. He is so sweet but he needs to man up and show the one black sex link that he is a man:). She is a bully.
. Thanks for your reply

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