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    Mar 17, 2016
    Thanks for any advice. So my three girls all had vent gleet a few weeks ago. Two not so bad and one very bad. I treated the gleet and took several step to prevent it happening again. The two not so bad chooks have recovered 100% but the one who was very bad took several days later and now 2 weeks on she is losing all her feathers her crown is starting to go pale. The gleet appears to have gone but she does not look good. any advice would be great.
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    A photo of her situation (up close and personal) would help.

    I would check her for lice/mites and their nits around the base of her feathers around her vent.

    Absent that, it's possible she has worms (which can cause a "poopy butt" that looks similar to gleet). You can take a sample of her poop to the vet for a test to confirm the presence of worms and their eggs.

    Is she eating and drinking? How are her poops now?

    Does she still have the discharge?

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