Jun 26, 2021
So I found a nest of eggs not sure how old they are…. I do have roosters! What do I do?!?!


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You can throw them out.

You can candle them (shine a bright light through the egg in a dark room, to look for signs of chicks developing.) But if no hen has been sitting on them, there will be no chicks, unless the weather happened to be just exactly the right temperature.

You can put them gently in a bucket of water. One that float are definitely old and should be thrown out. Ones that sink, you can crack carefully into a bowl, one at a time, and see if they look & smell fine. If they do seem fine, cook them right away rather than trying to store them for any length of time. Then serve them to either yourself or your chickens, depending on your own preferences.

At this time of year (summer where I live), I would just throw them out rather than trying to check whether they are good or bad. In cooler weather, I would be more likely to check them and possibly eat them.

When you take the eggs, I suggest you put a few fake eggs in that place, and check each day for new eggs. Hens will often come back to lay eggs there again, and the fake eggs keep them from realizing that the eggs are being taken.

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