May 25, 2015
My hen, broiler, has leg injuries. She cannot walk but she moves her legs. I have rescued her when she was 1 month old. She was not on a farm. My grandparents bought little chickens and raised them for food. After her rescue, I kept her closed and apart from the others. She ate corn, vegetables, fruits and grass. Every day she was outdoors for some houers. Everything was fine and she growed slowely. She is 2 and a half months old now. Her problems started when some other hens who live in the same yard started attacking her. I have separated her. Can you please give me some advise to help her? I give her some vitamins and minerals. Is there anything to add? She also eats eggs. I don't want her to die as she is my pet and can have a good life! Thankful, Natasha
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