Free Ranging
Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
So far the plan is:
2 speckled sussex
2 americana
2 amberlink
1 buff orpington
1 silver laced wyandotte

We are only supposed to have 6 total but I figure we might lose some. And chicken math. :)

A hardware/farm supply place told us to pick out whatever breeds we wanted from the Hoover catalog and they would get them for us, so we finally got off the dime on getting the coop and run built. Once the work actually begins, I'll post pics.
:clap:ya Looking forward to it! :woot


Crossing the Road
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Sep 7, 2015
New Lenox township. Illinois USA
My Coop
My Coop
Was pretty much nothing here....24 hours of rain, lots of wind, then some snow(<1")..there's some ice under that snow.

This is about how I translate the alerts: :lol: I do watch the radar tho.
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Yep that's about it :gig

The last snowpocalypse they were right about was ground hog day 2011
24" of snow and high winds... Spent days shoveling and plowing at home and work :barnie
And the boss didn't believe the weather dork so we didn't get schedule to come in early :he
Most people on snow removal couldn't make it. So those of us who did were worked to death. 20hr days stink.


Free Ranging
Oct 16, 2008
Well, did I call it right or not? we left home just before noon and got back here around 8pm.
I don't know about Annie, but I had enough.
nothing weatherwise here except cold and wind. 17F felt like -10F to me.
today I think I will make some cinnamon rolls.
kind of anxious to see if the yeast will work again.
instead of frosting, I am going to make some runny glaze. same recipe, except a little more moisture. that way the goo gets way down inside the rolls..
If I am going to give myself a cardiac arrest, I am going to enjoy it.
finally got some Tom & Jerry mix. all the stores were sold out around Christmas season. Had one last night, now I am satisfied..
I think the weather guys predict the worst just to covertheira's.. then when it doesn't occur, people are relieved..
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