Hen abandoned nest, eggs in incubator but have red mites...

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by CheekyMare, Dec 23, 2012.

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    They are further along than I thought and I see a pip. I was going to clean and candle them tonight... I unplugged the turner, but should I take them out and clean them or just let them hatch and take care of the bugs later...

    I have a clean hatch going on right now in my "hatching" bator. I thought these ones were a few days behind and was going to switch them over. The hen abandoned the nest and when I found them they were stone cold but I must have gotten them in time.

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    How bad is the mite situation? If there are only a few I think leave the eggs to hatch and dust the chicks with mite dust after they've hatched and are dry.
  3. CheekyMare

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    They were prettybad. We had gotten a handle on them but this broody hen had missed her top spot appliation and there must have been some hiding in the barn somewhere to get on her. the brood box ws infested. like I picked up the eggs and had fifty plus running up my arms and under my cuffs in seconds.

    They got cleaned and most have pipped internally so are in the hatcher. I didn't have a set date so just had to keep listening and looking for internal pips. So far two have hatched which I consider a resounding success as she was off the nest for close to two hours before I discovered it I'm guessing. The eggs were stone cold (it was a cold morning of about sixty degrees F.) I thought putting them in the bator was a fools errand for sure, but it was on so I figured no harm trying...

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