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Jun 19, 2014
Pasco, WA
My BR hen was attacked by a dog yesterday around 9 AM and her whole bottom back is punctured! Her tail seems to be falling, and she has a very bad limp. I'm really worried and don't know how to help her! It seems to be scabbing up but I don't know weather to leave it, or have to put her out. PLEASE HELP
Can you take and post some photos of the wounds? A lot of times what we see when we look at something is very different than how people might picture it when we describe it and the advice on treatment can vary quite a bit.
Did you do any cleaning of the wounds - if so, with what?
Have you already applied anything to her wounds - if so, what?
Have you moved her to a quiet "hospital" area and away from the rest of the flock?
Is she eating and/or drinking?
Is she passing waste?
Yes I will go get some pictures, and no I have not cleaned it because I was told not to, to let it scab up and stick together on its own. She is eating and drinking plenty of water, and wasting. And I took her out from all the others and she is in her own area away from the others
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So sorry about your bird!

X2 defiantly wash her wounds. Isolate her from the rest of the flock so she doesn't get bullied. Make sure she is warm, dry, cozy and has nothing that will bother her.

The best way to calm your hens, though, is to use herbs. Herbs such as lavender, thyme, mint, marigolds, bee balm, chamomile, dill and ginger are all stress reliving and soothing herbs which will calm your birds. It literally can put them to sleep. So defiantly try some herbs.

You can also post here for more info and advice.

Best of luck1
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So sorry about your hen. Yes, you need to get the wounds all cleaned up and keep her in a dry area by herself. Use some sort of antibacterial meds on the wounds and if she starts to show signs of infection, you might get her on some injectable penicillin or maybe something in the water.

Good luck and I hope you can get her back to good health soon!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your hen! X2 on TwoCrow's and Mountain Peep's advice.
You could flush her wounds with a saline solution or watered down betadine. Then pack with neosporin ointment (NO caine). Chickens generally have great recuperative
powers unless infection gets in that she would need whatever necessary infections.

Keep her isolated, warm and quiet. Definitely don't allow flies or they will lay eggs in her wound that develop into maggots. If she won't eat try finely mashed egg yolk moistened with some plain yoqurt. She might also like watermelon or sliced grapes. If she won't drink - add a little sugar to the water.
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You will find a lot of good information here. Keep on asking questions and you will get many good answers.

You may also want to read the FAQ below.

I hope your chicken survives. In general chickens are pretty hardy and can survive a lot. You may have to give your chicken some antibiotics to prevent an infection from setting in. They sell them at the feedstore.

Chickens are no match for dogs. I am scared that my dog will hurt my chickens and so I keep my dog separate from my chickens unless the dog is on a leash or very closely supervised.

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