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Aug 10, 2019
I have a seven month old gold top hen who I noticed 3 days ago was lame. However she was able to walk with her limp slowly and jump up to the roost but I decided to remove her from my flock as she is relatively new and is at the bottom of the pecking order and I was concerned the older girls would pick on her. So I kept her indoors overnight, however the next morning she had completely lost the use of her right leg. I checked her leg for injury but it looks completely fine. No swelling, cuts, high temperature and nothing seems to be broken or dislocated. I also checked to see if she may be egg bound but she’s not. She’s able to stand up still on both legs it’s just she’s unable to move. You can see that she wants to walk around but she just can’t move her leg to do so. She doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort and is quite alert and eating (I think she's loving getting all the treats to herself and not having to share!) Anyone have any ideas what may be wrong with her? And are there any pain meds I could give her? We do have a welsummer rooster who is the same age as her (hatched together) and I know that she is one of his favourite girls so I’m wondering could he have injured her while mounting her? She’s also a pretty clumsy girl so I’m also wondering could it be a sprain from jumping down awkwardly from the roost? Or could it be a vitamin deficiency? Any thoughts and ideas would he highly appreciated! :)

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Do you have video of her moving? Upload video to youtube and provide a link.

Was she vaccinated for Marek's?
Any swelling or bloat in the abdomen?

I would start by giving her 1/4 tablet B-Complex daily. It would be hard to know if it's just a sprain, disease like Marek's or something else. Often all you can do is offer supportive care and see how it goes.
Personally, I would not give anything for pain but if you feel you must you can give 81mg aspirin up to twice a day.

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