Hen caught a mouse today.


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
I was in the coop filling food and water, and one of the RSL was staring at the waterer, I had just filled it with warm water, so I knew it wasn't out but couldn't see a reason for her to be just standing there and not drinking
. I was watching her to see what was wrong and a mouse popped up from under the waterer, The hen grabbed the mouse and the chase was on. She ran out the door, arround the garden, back into the coop and up on the roosts, off the roosts, back out the door, all the while the rest of the flock chasing her and screeming at her. She had that mouse head in her beek and wasn't letting go. I was laughing so hard I almost wet myself
. Finally one of the other girls grabbed the back half of the mouse, and they each ended up with half a mouse.
Now I don't think animal cruelity is funny, but would you poke your head out with a big meat eating dino just waiting to eat you
I wish I could have gotten a viedo of the chase. They went in and out and arround the garden several times before the poor mouse was eaten.
That's so gross, but I can picture how funny it must have been also. I guess mice are as dumb as people think chickens are.
I guess I don't know all the chicken lingo. What is an RSL?

Chickens are good at keeping bugs, worms, and mice to a minimum. I suppose a really big chicken might go after a rat. Anyone have any experience with a chicken killing a rat?
LOL. Not that long ago my mom bought some mealworms from a bait store for my birds and we fed them to my hen and her chicks when we got home. My gosh they FREAKED out and the chicks were running all over the place away from each other and stealing each others mealies. My hen looked SO confused, she just sat there and watched as they trampled her and the others rushing around to eat the larva. My little birdie got four all to herself (because like a bad chicken parent I have a favorite) but the rest, it was so funny I was crying.

I'm buying them more tomorrow. XD
yes it does mean red sex link and my rsl also caught a mouse the whoile agang were after her lol funiest thing i ever saw
i lifted uyop a peice oof iron and there were twoo mice my dog was on my left and my hens on my right lol
i lifted it and bang they both got a mouse my dog crushed its skull it was audible and the hens went buzerk

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