Hen crowing with a rooster present?


12 Years
Jun 4, 2009
I know hens usually don't crow unless there's no rooster present. I have two 12 week old bantams, a d'uccle roo and a wyandotte pullet. I think my "pullet" tried to crow today with the rooster standing next to her. He had been crowing for a while and then suddenly she let out a crow, it wasn't perfect but she was definitely trying to crow. She only did it twice in a row, then no more. Could she really be a rooster?

Here's some pictures of "her" :


Ok. this is just what I've been told. Old hens can have a spontaneous sex change if there is an infection on an ovary. It will cause hormonal changes in which the hen will molt male plummage, crow and try to mount other hens. IF the infection is successfully treated the "cock" will return to female status by her next molt. There is a good chance that the "cock" will lay eggs as well.

If you don't believe me check page 54 in your Chicken Health Handbook. If I'm lyin, I'm dyin....
Sorry, but that looks like a cockerel to me......

I do have a hen that crows (if you want to call it that, it sounds more like she is being strangled). But, she quit when I brought home a rooster from Nadine (fellower BYCr).

But ! She has started to crow (occassionally) like she is answering the cockerels that are beginning to crow now.

I know she is a hen because I have hatched 40+ chicks from her eggs.
Here is a picture of the saddle feather area, she wouldn't be still so this is the best I can do:


Yup..thats a roo....I have bantam wyandottes and 3 roos. Surprisingly only 1 has crowed and it was the youngest.

I have a pullet leghorn that did crow 4 times. And we have a ton of roosters at our house.

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