hen died during night.


10 Years
Oct 12, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
a laying hen of mine died during the night (new hampshire cross). her crop was empty in the morning and it wasn't poisoning. that much i know.

i hadn't been noticing her acting weirdly before. could this be a disease or what. we had 16 other chickens in the same coop/run with her(15 hens, 1 roo).

please help
did u check her mouth and deep into her throat, vent, feet, comb wattles?

So sorry to hear this.... : (
was she under any stress - moulting, lice, mites, etc.
I just lost a 9 year old hen during the autumnal moult, she just didn't have the energy to make feathers any more. Two months ago she was laying 3 eggs a week.
I think that moulting in older birds is stressful.
Sorry for your loss.

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