hen, fluid from mounth, green droppings, sleepy looking eyes

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    The pullet was hatched July 2011, so she is about 8 mon old. This bird has never developed a comb at all, but has always seemed healthy and grew. She is the bottom bird in the pecking order.

    She has droopy looking eyes.

    she has green dropping stuck to her backfeathers, but her vent appeared clean and normal

    when I picked her up, fluid came from her mouth

    she was less evasive than I expected her to be.

    I separated her. She is eating and drinking.

    She does not seem to be sneezing or have any nasal discharge.

    My greatest fear is she has something that will spread to the entire flock and we will have to start over.

    The rest of the flock looks good at the momment.

    I think I have seen these symptoms in the forums before but would like your thoughts.....

    Thank you
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    Mar 14, 2011
    How does her crop feel???

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