Hen in shock - won't open eyes

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    Jan 30, 2014
    BC, Canada
    We had an incident with a coyote yesterday, lost two, and one is injured. Sadie is a white ameraucana hen, who's about a year old and has always been a bit on the small side. I didn't see the attack, but I found her in the yard, originally thinking she was dead, but I realized she was breathing. There's not much visible damage: a small wound on the side of her head and another small one on her back. She's inside now, perching on the edge of a nest box we brought in and has her feathers puffed up a bit. She won't eat or drink, but I did manage to get some sugar water in her. She hasn't opened her eyes at all, which is starting to worry me. Is that another symptom of shock? What else can I do to help her?

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    Chickens are super resilient.

    Keep her someplace warm and dry, quiet and safe feeling, like a darkened dog crate in a warm back room.

    If she makes it through the night, then she will probably be able to eat and drink at least a little and start to get her energy up.

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