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    Ok I'm sure this question has been asked before but what do you do about a hen who lays on the floor? She is a golden comet that just started laying 2 weeks ago. She is the oldest in the flock, her sisters are about 4 weeks younger than her. She has been laying in different spots on the floor, and yesterday she laid near the oyster shell and the egg had a crack in it. We have had nesting boxes in the coop since she was 17 weeks old and she has never wanted anything to do with them. It is a 10x10 coop and pretty roomy. I have put golf balls in the box and that doesn't seem to help. They also won't roost and sleep in the floor. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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    Sometimes they find a place in the coop they like better than the nesting boxes. Other times they get kicked out of the boxes by higher ranking hens. Collect the egg every day and mess up the "nest" in the floor. She should find her way to the nesting boxes as she gets more comfortable laying. I've never had one that permanently laid on the floor, they have always found their way to the nesting boxes.
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