Hen mounting hens - just a little too much lovin'


8 Years
Jun 27, 2015
So... I have a hen-roo. She is one of my dominant hens - a big Delaware. And I definitely know she's a hen - I've actually seen an egg drop out of her.

Half my hens only have 2 or so tail feathers because she mounts them violently, often jumping up and down on their rear ends. She touches vents with the hen below, then hops off. My flock is beginning to have a decidedly ruffled appearance. Sassy hasn't crowed (yet) and lays eggs. Just a bossy hen - except she mounts everyone else. Tonight I separated her - any ideas for this gal? She's a sweetheart - loves to snuggle with people. But gee whiz.... I need her to give everyone a break from her love sessions.

How many hens do you have all together? A rooster needs a certain amount of hens to mate so they don't become "ruffled looking" as you say. I imagine the same would go for a hen who thinks she's a roo. If your flock is relatively small you may want to buy them all some aprons to protect their backs. Or if the area you live let's you, you could get an actual rooster to put your hen in her place. Not sure if that would solve the problem or be the same thing, though.
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I may have to get some saddles. I have 22 hen down there. 10 are quite ruffled.

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